Cluster Design

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Design Philosophy

Outstanding cluster design is all about the detail. We work closely with you to understand your applications, objectives and constraints, guiding you through the maze of options, and developing an individual solution designed to meet your exact requirements.

Even the simplest clusters are a sophisticated mix of technologies. It’s a complex balance, and getting it right is critical – making the right technology choices, ensuring high-quality integration, and providing on-going management and support, are just some of the many challenges to be addressed.

As an active partner to leading brand manufacturers we are at the forefront of HPC technology, able to provide a wide variety of options for the latest, and highest quality systems components, and, as an independent, you can be sure we offer truly impartial guidance on issues such as relative performance, compatibility, and cost.

It’s not just the hardware. We can build in a complete HPC software stack, including Linux-based scientific environments, development tools, and easy to use cluster management systems. We can also help to benchmark and tune your applications. And, through our Professional Services, we’ll empower your system administrators and cluster users with the operational skills and support they will need.

With ClusterVision you can be sure that you are in expert hands, from guiding your largest mission-critical investment decisions, to taking personal care of the finest detail.

Turn-key Cluster Systems

Are you considering to build your own cluster? Why not give us a call or drop us an email. We are happy to give you advice and we may be able to provide you with the right hardware at the right price. However, there are many advantages to buying a turnkey cluster solution:

– Assembling, configuring and fine-tuning a cluster which is easy to use and administrate, and which is stable and secure, requires considerable Linux expertise and costs time, considerable time.

– When something breaks, when your application doesn’t work with your Linux installation, or when your master node breaks down and you have no backup, you’re on your own.

– Without having access to a wide range of hardware components and without having direct contacts with hardware manufacturers, it can be difficult to exclude any hardware incompatibilities between your components.

– If you order individual hardware components to assemble a cluster yourself, you are bound to receive some faulty components. Diagnosing the problems caused by faulty components can be time-consuming and frustrating.

ClusterVision are the experts in turn-key cluster design. We can help you design your new cluster, or your cluster extension with attention to a number of critical design considerations.

  • Maximum performance
  • Your own applications
  • Minimised footprint
  • Operational efficiency
  • Redundancy & high-availability