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At ClusterVision we recognise that not all of our customers have the dedicated resources or skills required to maintain the high levels of cluster management needed by their user communities. For these customers, Managed Services (MS) provides a professional and secure cluster management service, designed to enhance the overall experience of cluster ownership, by relieving the burden of in-house operation.

Through Managed Services, ClusterVision’s engineers are able to manage every aspect of your cluster system. We can ensure a high quality management process which will not only ensure effective day to day operation, but will also help to optimise your cluster’s performance and minimise user-downtime.

Managed Services are available in modular Service Work Packages which are designed to be simple to engage with, and are easy to combine and scale depending on your own specific needs. All Managed Services packages are available on a 1-year licence arrangement. Additional service packages can be added at any time, either to extend scope of the services provided, or to extend their default 1-year duration.

The use of ClusterVision Prepaid Service Credits is an ideal way to scale your solution from basic to a more comprehensive Managed Services service level.

Managed Services Work Packages

The information below gives a brief overview of the Managed Services package offerings. Details change, and new service packages are continually being developed, so for a full description of the inclusions in each service level, and to further customise the solution to your own needs, we highly recommend a confidential and no-obligation 1-1 discussion with our team.

Entry level remote administration is provided by a default bundle of CVS-RSA-BASE, CVS-RSA-FAILOVER, CVS-RSA-NETWORK, CVS-RSA-PFILESYSTEM and CVS-RSAENVIRONMENT. In addition to providing an underlying framework and a basic level of remote administration, the CVS-RSA-BASE service level acts as a stacking point upon which to add other optional Managed Services packages. The additional Managed Services packages are grouped according to their function and build and combine as shown below.

Single-Point-of-Contact is a mandatory requirement for ClusterVision’s Managed Services.

Managed Services
Managed Services