ClusterVision Prepaid Service Credits (CVS-CREDITS) are a convenient and flexible way to further extend the scope of your existing support environment. Based on a simple prepaid token system, Prepaid Service Credits can be used to provide on-demand access to a wealth of additional work packages and customised services.

They can be used to:

  • Enhance existing hardware and software support arrangements
  • Access specific and customised services beyond standard inclusions
  • Extend the scope or duration of ClusterVision’s Managed Services (MS) packages.
  • Execute standard and non-standard training packages


Using Service Credits

ClusterVision’s Prepaid Service Credits can be used to access a wide range of work packages. Some of the more typical uses are included below :

  • Reconfiguration of the cluster, such as network, queuing system configuration
  • HPC skills development training or workshops for system administrators and end-users
  • Impartial review and assessment of your cluster machine room
  • Performance and benchmark testing of cluster systems and software applications
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Detailed exploration of complex operations or systems
  • Addition of extra RSA packages to extend the scope or duration of the support provided

Tell us your requirement and we’ll design a Service Work Package to match. Our team is also on hand to help create the best service offerings to match your exact needs.

Each PrePaid Service Credit (1 x CVS-CREDITS) provides a defined 1 hour of service. For ease of use, the services provided are not differentiated by complexity, but the value of credits are scaled to reflect on-site, unscheduled, extreme priority or non-business hours activity. Minimum limits also apply for individual tasks.


Default Hourly Rate Nature of Activity Credit Cost Multiplier Minimum Amount
1 credit Standard Hourly Rate none 1 credit
1 credit Assistance at Customer Site Hourly rate x 2 16 credits
1 credit Unscheduled Work Hourly rate x 2 2 credits
1 credit Extreme Priority Hourly rate x 4 2 credits
1 credit Outside of Business Hours Hourly rate x 3 3 credits


Purchasing Service Credits

Service credits are designed to be easy to purchase and consume. To start, a base allocation of credit is included as a standard provision in all of ClusterVision’s turn-key cluster solutions.  Additional Service Credits can either be purchased (at least 8) and held in advance as budgets allow, for example in order to build-in a level of service contingency, or can be purchased at any time for immediate use, as they are needed for specific tasks. In either case payment for service credits is required in advance.