HPC News

NSC to install Scandinavia’s most powerful supercomputer

"This summer, Swedish researchers will gain access to significantly higher computing power when the most powerful computer in the Nordic region, Tetralith, is installed at the National Supercomputer Centre, NSC, at Linköping University. The maximum speed of the supercomputer is estimated to exceed 4 petaflops." Click here to go NSC's press release

Intel Omni-Path Architecture Fabric, the Choice of Leading HPC Institutions

"Many of the major HPC system OEMs integrating large and scalable machines have adopted the Intel fabric for their deployments. These include [...] Clustervision in Europe [...]. 'One is not enough' is a comment echoed by other customers. At the University of Hull in Yorkshire England, the institution’s Viper cluster built by Clustervision with

ClusterVision is part of SUPC’s SSSNA Framework

ClusterVision has joined the Servers, Storage & Solutions National Agreement Framework, also known as the SSSNA Framework, that has been published today by the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC). As a Lot 3B supplier, we are happy to be working together with the SUPC to ensure the efficiency and productiveness of this new mechanism whereby