ClusterVision is Europe’s dedicated specialist for high-performance compute (HPC) solutions. By combining cutting-edge hardware and software components with a range of customised professional services, we create and maintain top-quality, efficient, and reliable HPC solutions. Based in Amsterdam, ClusterVision has grown into a multi-million euro international operation with offices in the UK, France, and Germany. We have designed, built, and managed some of the fastest and most complex computational and database clusters in Europe, including five TOP500 systems.

ETP4HPC-160As a Member of the Steering Board of ETP4HPC, the European Technology Platform in the area of High-Performance Computing, we are at the forefront of European decision making when it comes to HPC matters and solutions.

Our mission is to provide our customers the best in HPC technology that matches their wishes and specifications, through innovative design, quality engineering, and professional cluster management. We believe our customers benefit from the undivided focus and attention to detail which results from having HPC solutions as our 100% core business dedication.


TOP500 Supercomputing Sites

76,032 cores. 2,249.68 TFlop/s Linpack Rmax Performance. 3,041.28 TFlop/s Theoretical Rpeak Peak. 4,460,544 Nmax. Xeon E5-2680v3 12C 2.5GHz Processors. Infiniband QDR Interconnect.
#39 MAKMAN-2, Saudi Aramco (with Dell hardware)
32,768 cores. 596.01 TFlop/s Linpack Rmax Performance. 681.574 TFlop/s Theoretical Rpeak Peak. 3,174,400 Nmax. Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 8C 2.6GHz Processors. Intel TrueScale Infiniband Interconnect.
#169 VCS-3, Technische Universität Wien
10,256 cores. 326.469 TFlop/s Linpack Rmax Performance. 426.65 TFlop/s Theoretical Rpeak Peak. 2,227,200 Nmax. Intel Xeon E5-2640v3 8C 2.6GHz Processors. Infiniband QDR Interconnect.
#423 Bifrost, National Supercomputer Centre
9,504 cores. 302.416 TFlop/s Linpack Rmax Performance. 364.954 TFlop/s Theoretical Rpeak Peak. 2,020,224 Nmax. Xeon E5-2630v3 8C 2.4GHz Processors. Intel Omni-Path Interconnect.
#463 Minerva, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft MPI / Albert-Einstein-Institut
44,928 cores. 299.3 TFlop/s Linpack Rmax Performance. 588.749 TFlop/s Theoretical Rpeak Peak. 2,095,104 Nmax. Intel Opteron 6172 12C 2.1GHz Processors. Infiniband QDR Interconnect.
#467 LOEWE-CSC, Universität Frankfurt

Addressing the Challenges of HPC

ClusterVision serves the needs of computing user communities, system administrators and HPC system and infrastructure planners and managers. Our solutions are designed to address everyday HPC challenges for:

  • HPC Cluster Users
  • HPC Cluster Administrators
  • HPC Cluster Managers

The Forefront of Clustering Technology

Our cluster solutions incorporate high quality, powerful servers using the latest CPU and GPU processors, fast interconnect technology, high capacity storage, and energy efficient power and cooling systems. Our active technology partnerships with leading brand manufacturers ensure we use the highest quality components, while as an independent integrator we are able to provide truly impartial advice on selection and relative performance.

Complete Cluster Solution

It’s not just the hardware. To ensure rapid deployment and optimum performance we offer a one-stop turn-key solution including Systems, Software & a range of Professional Services. We build in a full HPC software stack, including Linux-based scientific environments, development tools, and easy to use cluster management systems. Turn-key systems, installed, tested, ready to go.

  • Systems – Quality hardware components from leading brand manufacturers
  • Software – A full HPC software stack including easy to use cluster management
  • Services – End-to-end Professional Services for every stage of the cluster ownership

End-to-End Professional Service

We also offer a full end-to-end portfolio of Professional Services – from system design, assembly & certification, to operational management, support, & training. Through our Professional Services, we can empower your system administrators and end-users with all the cluster management skills and ongoing support they will need.

  • Design – Conceptual and detailed system design for both new and enhancement projects
  • Build – Quality assured assembly, delivery, configuration, burn-in testing and acceptance
  • Manage – Remote administration, healthcare, single point-of-contact maintenance, hot-line support and skills training

Business Information

Management Team

  • Alex Ninaber as CEO/CTO
  • Frank van der Hout as CFO
  • Sandra Lörzer as COO
  • Caroline Keeman as CCO

Financial Statements

Please send an e-mail to our Financial Department to receive financial statements from ClusterVision and the MPCI Group.

Chamber of Commerce

  • MPCI Group B.V. 30184312
  • ClusterVision B.V. 54051282
  • ClusterVision Ltd. 5273359
  • ClusterVision GmbH HRB 202839

VAT Information

  • MPCI Group B.V. NL8117.05.195.B01
  • ClusterVision B.V. NL8511.35.079.B01
  • ClusterVision Ltd. GB8436.98.973
  • ClusterVision GmbH DE2817.81.316