Hybrid software-defined storage, network and
computing services at the Edge and in the Cloud.

Centrally manage multiple estates and
distributing workloads using Open Source TrinityX.
Connecting a Hybrid World
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HPC accelerates scientific discovery.
ClusterVision provides state-of-the-art,
fully tailored High Performance Solutions.

In this highly demanding environment,
solutions are crafted together.
Solutions for Real World Challenges
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Scale your HPC parallel file system using an
Intel Optane based solution
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Re-imagining HPC using Intel Optane DC SSDs

Outstanding cluster design is all about the detail.

Even the simplest clusters are a sophisticated mix of technologies. We work closely with you to understand your applications, objectives and constraints, guiding you through the maze of options, and developing an individual solution designed to meet your exact requirements.

TrinityX is an open source cluster eco-system, designed to make your cluster agile, reliable, and responsive to your individual needs.

It includes Luna, our in-house BitTorrent Protocol provisioning tool used for the discovery and deployment of nodes. Boot a 500+ node cluster in just 5 minutes.

The growing amounts of data call for the most efficient and scalable storage solutions on the market.

For every storage installation, our aim is to make sure it fits perfectly in your HPC cluster and is something you never have to worry about. We can offer fully customised or turn-key storage installations.

With deep learning you can accelerate your business results and discover new findings in record breaking time.

Spend less time on resources and more time on getting the best results. We can offer you a range of deep learning solutions that seamlessly integrate in your high-performance computing environment.

ClusterVision in the Top500

Twice yearly, the renowned TOP500 is published in which the fastest computer systems being used today are listed.

Based on the Linpack benchmark performances, the list has been used to define what ‚Äúsupercomputers‚ÄĚ really are and which systems can be defined as such continuously since June 1993.

ClusterVision is proud to have been listed more than twenty times, including in the top twenty: ClusterVision implemented the MAKMAN-2 installation (hardware provided by Dell) for Saudi Aramco. We built the most powerful supercomputer in the Nordic region at NSC Linköping. The VSC-3 cluster we built for the Technische Universität Wien uses revolutionary mineral oil cooling technology, developed with our partner GRC. The HPC Midlands Plus installation, hosted at Loughborough University, utilises different architectures using our TrinityX cluster ecosystem.

Most Powerful Supercomputer in the Nordic Region Enters TOP500

Most Powerful Supercomputer in the Nordic Region Enters TOP500 2200 1495 ClusterVision

ClusterVision Delivers Powerful GPU Cluster at ASTRON

ClusterVision Delivers Powerful GPU Cluster at ASTRON 1280 720 ClusterVision

University of Hull

“ClusterVision immediately understood our HPC vision and provided us with a technologically advanced system, Viper, that has propelled the University into the top ten of UK higher educational HPC [centres] with regards to performance. By working closely with the University at every stage of the installation ClusterVision have helped us deliver significant ‘step-change’ in the way that our research is seen to be resourced, conducted and supported.”

‚ÄĒ Graeme Murphy, Head of Research and Enterprise ICT Services

Are you ready to accelerate your scientific discovery?