Products Overview

Products Overview Complete Cluster Solution

To ensure rapid deployment and optimum performance we offer a one-stop turn-key solution including cluster systems, software & a range of professional services. We create high quality, reliable HPC cluster systems - designed, built, installed, tested, - ready to go.

  • Cluster Systems
  • Cluster Software
  • Cluster Services

Cluster Systems

ClusterVision's compute, storage and database clusters are built out of high-quality commodity hardware components, in combination with specialist high-speed, low-latency network interconnects and RAID storage units. We build most clusters based on Intel® Xeon®, and AMD Opteron™ processors, but less common procesors such as Itanium, Cell, Clearspeed and GPU are also available. ClusterVision is a reseller of Dell, IBM and Supermicro servers and storage. Other brands are available upon request. A very wide range of models is available.

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Cluster Software

We can build in a full HPC software stack, including Linux-based scientific environments, development tools, and easy to use cluster management systems, typically our cluster management software of choice, Bright Cluster Manager. We also work closely with commercial ISV’s, and open-source and in-house applications, providing benchmarking and ensuring the optimal performance of end-user applications

  • Scientific environments
  • Cluster Management
  • Load scheduling
  • Development tools
  • Analytics
  • End-user applications

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Cluster Services

We offer a range of professional services covering the full life of cluster ownership.

  • Pre-Delivery Services
  • Point-of-Delivery Services
  • Post-Delivery Services

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