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ClusterVision - Europe's leading HPC cluster specialist


ClusterVision specialises in the design, build and management of high performance compute (HPC) clusters. By combining cutting-edge hardware and software components with a range of customised professional services, ClusterVision helps its customers create top-quality, efficient and reliable HPC solutions.

End to end service - design, build, manage
Complete cluster solution - systems, software, services


  - Innovative HPC Technology
  - High Quality Engineering
  - Professional Cluster Management

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ISC12 bannerISC12 banner ISC12HotseatISC12HotseatLatest CLUSTER SERVICES .. 

Remote System Administration
Reduce the burden and cost of traditional in-house cluster administration. RSA provides a unique, fully remote 24/7 cluster monitoring, healthcare and response service, more .. 

Prepaid Service Credits
Prepaid Service Credits provide easy access to a wealth of on-demand and customised professional service packages, including Remote System Administration, more ..


Full HPC Software Stack
ClusterVision's turn-key cluster systems include a full HPC software stack, including Linux-based scientific environments, software development tools, and easy to use cluster management, more ..


The Forefront of HPC Technology
Latest high-density HPC servers from Intel, Dell and Supermicro, more .. 







Allinea, AMD, ASUS, Bright Computing, Cloudera, DataDirect Networks, Dell, Emerson, Green Revolution Cooling, Fraunhofer, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, Kingston Technologies, Mellanox, NetApp, NVIDIA, Panasas, Qlogic, Rittal, RogueWave, ScaleMP, Supermicro, SUSE, Western Digital .. Find out more ..

Technology Spotlight


ClusterVision works at the forefront of HPC technology.

Huawei Server for HPC - The choice for Big Data and HPC, more ..
Trinity: Openstack for HPC - The new cluster managment tool developed by ClusterVision, more ..
Intel Server for HPC - Built for the Next Generation, more ..
NVIDIA cuDNN – GPU Accelerated Deep Learning, more ..
NVIDIA Tesla K40/K80 - New GPU technologies from NVIDIA, more ..
Intel Xeon Phi - Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors deliver performance for highly parallel applications, more ..
AMD Opteron 6300  - The AMD Opteron 6300 series is based on AMD’s new Piledriver technology, more .. 
High-Density Servers - Latest servers based on Intel Xeon E5-2600 from Intel, Supermicro and Dell, more ..
Accelerators - New GPU/coprocessor technologies from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel, more ..
Slurm - Slurm is an open source resource manager for Linux clusters,  more ..
FraunhoferFS - FraunhoferFS's parallel filesystem is flexible and scalable, more ..
Panasas ActiveStor14 - Fast parallel storage with Solid State Drive technology, more ..
Green Revolution Cooling - Super-efficient fully submersed HPC server cooling, more ..
Bright Cluster Manager - Easy to use HPC cluster management solution, more ..
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server - ClusterVision are part of the SUSE Partner Program, more ..

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